Boot Camp Program for Sciatica

Why Learn the Boot Camp Program for Sciatica?

  • Acquire the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to help your clients/patients manage sciatica, one of the most painful spinal conditions
  • An evidence-based program that can improve client/patient outcomes in the short and long term and prevent recurrences 
  • Provides structure to an often-complex problem with step-by-step instruction on how to deliver the 6-week program 
  • Detail training on specific manual therapy techniques, exercises, and self-management strategies including instruction on sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping postures

Course Outline


  • About Spinemobility (on website)
  • Background information on sciatica and the Boot Camp Program
  • How to use the workbook and implementation guide 
  • Training on the treatment protocol and manual therapy techniques
  • Instruction on specific exercises and self-management strategies

Course Materials

  • Digital workbook
  • Step-by-step Implementation Guide

Highly recommend ordering hardcopies of the workbook (bundles of 5) to distribute to your patients/clients. The workbooks are essential when implementing the program with patients/clients).